Wednesday, 29 December 2010

// shop // Cercei Monet - 35 RON -VANDUTI

Cerceii de genul acestora par sa complementeze cel mai bine o tinuta casual, jeans si tricou de exemplu, si avand in vedere multitudinea de perechi ce sta imprastiata la mine prin diverse cutii si cutiute, m-am gandit sa mai impart din ele si pe la voi:D.

Observati in poza din stanga , unde se imbina cele doua parti ale cercelului, o mica innegritura. Pare sa se curete, dar am evidentiat-o oricum. In rest, cerceii se simt excelent.

Restul tinutei:
Tricou: Nissa, folosit initial pentru outfitul secundar de la nunta.
Pantaloni: DaDa
Vesta: Dulapul Bunicii
Cizme: Charlotte Ronson
Bratari : H&M (din China) si vintage ( de la mama soacra:D)

Monday, 27 December 2010

La Multi Ani!

{ lora zombie design via }

p.s. + o piesa de sezon ..:):)

Monday, 20 December 2010

// shop // Fusta dreapta din stofa - 40 RON - VANDUTA

Propun doua tinute pornind de la aceasta fusta, pentru a-i demonstra versatilitatea in ciuda formei si a dimensiunii imprimeului , care ar putea-o face sa para mai "aspra" .

Prima tinuta este extrem de feminina , dar poate fi totusi cu lejeritate incadrata in cadrul vestimentatiei business.

A doua este ceva mai casual , eu sincer mi-as plimba cainele in ea ( daca as avea caine si daca acesta nu ar fi de talie prea mare...ceea ce nu este prea probabil, deci nu o voi purta niciodata in contextul asta :)) ) --parca se asorteaza asa cu un pudel :))))))

Detalii importante:
Producator : necunoscutMarime pe eticheta: 38
Marime apreciata de mine: ar fi cam un 34-36 FR (38-40 IT) pentru zilele noastre, talia are 64 cm , iar masura la sold este de max 90 cm.
Material: nu se mai distinge pe eticheta, dar pare o combinatie de lana si acril, in proportii egale
Material captuseala : 100% acetat
Conditie : excelenta , fusta nu prezinta defecte nici pe stofa, nici pe captuseala. Eticheta cred ca este singura care tradeaza faptul ca fusta a fost intr-adevar purtata.

Restul outfitului #1:
Top: maieu crosetat, primit de mult de la mama
Jacheta : Zara Basics
Pantofi: Nicole Brundage
Bratara : vintage
Coronita: Meli Melo
Colier: Irina Schrotter

Restul outfitului #2 :Top: PNK Casual
Cizme: Charlotte Ronson
Coronita: Meli Melo
Coliere: cel cu medalion turcoaz cadou de la mama, celalalt mai vechi -din liceu
Bratara : cadou de la sora-mea

// shop // Fusta Laird Portch of Scotland - 60 RON - VANDUTA

Fusta asta exista prin garderoba familiei de ceva timp, dar nu s-a intrebat nimeni pana acum cine sunt acesti producatori Laird Portch of Scotland. Ei bine, cu toata curiozitatea curenta si toate resursele tatei Google , nu am aflat prea multe .
Pe un forum al purtatorilor de kilt ( da, se pare ca exista asa ceva :D:D) am citit urmatoarele : " Yes, I have heard of Laird-Porch of Scotland. The brand name is or was associated with good quality ladies woollen jumpers and skirts but I've never heard of them producing clothes for men and I don't know whether the brand is still in production."
Si am mai gasit un site care vinde stofa facuta de ei si cam atat relevant... Oricum, chestiunea cu forumul purtatorilor de kilt a meritat efortul :))).Mi-am facut pana si cont pe forumul respectiv , asa, de fun fun fun:D.

Acuma, eu am incercat sa creez un outfit asa mai tineresc pentru aceasta fusta, cu o clara trimitere catre anii 50, Grease, etc., ca sa va arat ca nu este atat de batraneasca pe cat pare pe umeras, dimpotriva. Lasa loc de foarte multa constructie in jur. Asa ca daca doreste careva, mai pot posta variante de tinute pornind de la fusta asta. Cand vine sora-mea pe la mine ca sa le modeleze, pentru ca "taliuta mea" nu prea se potriveste taliei fustei ;))

Detalii importante:
Producator : Laird Portch of ScotlandMarime pe eticheta: 38N FR , 42 IT,38 DE, 38 ES, 38 SU, 61 cm respectiv 24" in talie
Marime apreciata de mine: ar fi cam un 34 FR (38 IT) pentru zilele noastre, talia poate ajunge la 63 cm , iar masura la sold este de max 90 cm.
Material: stofa 100% lana virgina
Material captuseala : 100% acetat (asa pare cel putin, ca nu scrie pe nicaieri:) )
Conditie : excelenta , fusta nu prezinta defecte nici pe stofa, nici pe captuseala. A fost purtata cu drag si speram ca asa va fi si de acum incolo.

Restul outfitului:
Top : maieu cu "impresii" de corset, cadou de la mama.
Camasa: vintage Bernhard Altmann (actualmente din anii 50 )
Pantofi: Musette
Geanta : Atmosphere
Sosete : no name, de pe la un outlet
Ochelari de soare : Piazza Italia ( cadou de la al meu sot)
Chestiile din par: clamele mele de la nunta, de la Meli Melo

// shop // Cercei Givenchy - 280 RON

Tadaaa!!!!, primul produs al magazinului :D. A mai aparut deja pe blog, asa ca daca v-a placut atunci cand l-ati vazut prima data , acum il puteti achizitiona ;)

Cerceii,semnati Givenchy Paris · New York, sunt in conditie excelenta, dupa cum se vede si in poze.

Aici si aici gasiti ceva poze cu mine purtandu-i, ca sa puteti aprecia corect dimensiunea lor. Pentru alte detalii , poze, etc ma puteti contacta prin mail, comentarii, s.a.m.d

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Treaba cu magazinul

Intr-un final am terminat de selectat toalele si accesoriile de care ma indur sa ma despart (de fapt NE INDURAM, eu si sora-mea :D), asa ca treaba cu magazinul e pe punctul de a fi demarata.
Cateva mici detalii in legatura cu tehnicalitatile procesului urmeaza:

Aliniatul 1 :D: Livrarile in Bucuresti se fac tête à tête. Livrarile in restul tarii se fac prin Posta Romana, cu plata ramburs. Taxele de transport nu sunt incluse in pretul produselor si se achita de catre cumparator . O lista cu tarifele postei se gaseste aici.

Aliniatul 2 :Pozele vor fi postate la rezolutie mai mica, din motive evidente (spatiu pe Picasa, etc.).Daca vreti insa pozele la dimensiunea originala, vi le pot trimite pe mail. La fel daca doriti alte poze cu detalii, informatii suplimentare, s.a.m.d.

Aliniatul 3 : Nu exista suma minima pentru comenzi.

Aliniatul 4 : Sigur va exista la un moment dat......:P:P:P

Cam atat pentru moment, stay tuned pentru produse :D.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

last night @ therion

cred ca videoclipurile vorbesc de la sine...

Sunday, 21 November 2010

wedding outfit shots

Yeeeeeess.....the long overdue wedding pictures finally get uploaded to the blog, just in case there is anybody left that checks it out:)).

No excuses this time for the lack in posting, "it is what it is", as Darryl Philbin would say * ;) .
I did decide there will be some changes though, besides the bigger commitment to diary-ing : first of all, from the next entry on I will be writing in Romanian, and of course also provide an English translation. And the layout will probably keep changing on the course of the following weeks, til I make up my mind on what I prefer :D. That's it as far as the technicalities go.

More exciting than that, I am planning to add a shopping section just in time for the winter holidays , which will contain all items I have heavy-heartedly decided to let go action that needed to be done eventually, and has partially been completed by donating some of the stuff to charity. But the real goodies will be presented here before you, should you find anything to your liking :D. I have tons of clothes I bought ( new and SH) that I never got to wearing, but most of all I have lots of garments, accessories & all plundered from my mum, aunt, grandma, etc, which do not all fit me but I figured they will be better off resting in my closet than in theirs. And now I think that they should rest in a closet that they will break out of at least from time to time :D. So, I will style the pieces and hope you will fancy them enough to take them in ;);).

Now back to the wedding shots, they all have been taken by this lovely photographer , a bit pricy but totally worth the extra cash. Of course I am posting them here at a lower resolution , but if you want original samples to check out what he can do with his cameras just email me and I'll be happy to provide them for you.

That's it for now, enjoy the (many :D) photos ( mainly of me not because of ego-centrism ;)), just because I thought most of the people would not want to have their image loose on the net :D)

Wedding outfit:
Dress: Tadashi Shoji
Shoes: Givenchy
Necklace: Nissa
Ring & earrings (and a necklace not displayed he
re) : Agnes Toma - a present from mum -- I lost one of the earrings during the photo shoot, so I had to change those for the actual ceremony with some simpler glass-pearl ones.

p.s. In case you are wondering, the bouquet / wedding candles as well as the christianing candle have been executed by Floraria Iris,and a big hat's off goes to them . We just wanted something simple and elegant, no bushes on a stick, and they did just that.

p.p.s This was our cake topper , a printed image of us 3 wearing the same t-shirt:D

* one of the things that kept me away from posting was watching all of The Office seasons ...cheer4Dwight to take over the world :D:D

Monday, 28 June 2010

last night @ sonisphere fest others, but these were the shows I really went for :D . excuse the crappy quality/sound of the vids, it's what has been posted online so far :D:D

Sunday, 13 June 2010


since I'm not going out that much lately, having to look after the kid and all, my outfits have become more and more casual, comfy ,etc...buuuut, I am trying to keep to my fashion-oriented mind still. let me know if I manage;)

the tee featured here has been bought along with another one ( the See by Chloe' metal cat tee, if you know it, which I wore to the AC/DC gig last month), from a designer outlet on Calea Victoriei , called Posh Market --they have quite a good item selection, featuring Romanian designers as well

Tee: See by Chloe'
Jeans :See by Chloe'
Vest : Polo Garage
Wedges: Miu Miu
Clutch : french Connection
Necklace & earrings: a gift from a former coworker
Sunnies: my husband's vintage --we found them when sorting out some old shit we had lying around, they probably belonged to his father. we found some other pair too, which I will be posting soon.

Monday, 31 May 2010


This is the outfit I submitted for theGlamourai's Polkadotrama costume challenge. I didn't win the big prize though :D:D,you can check out the winner here (I voted for her too :D:D) . However , Kelly did like this outfit and rewarded it with a 15% off discount on her shop, as she probably rewarded many other can see the finalists here, it was really difficult picking only one to vote for.

Dress: custom made, handmedown from grandma (it was originally A shaped,but i modified it to be pencil sometime along the way)
Vest: Blue Steel
Bag: from a boutique in New York
Shoes : Miu Miu (via eBay)
Jewelry: earrings- handmedowns from mum, ring-gift from my husband

Sunday, 23 May 2010

steel shooting and countless bang(le)s

no comment, just an outfit description today....

Dress: CUE
Vest: New Yorker
Boots: Cafe Noir
Bag: from New York
Necklace: handmade, a gift from my husband
Bangles: from ShoesAndYourMom , presented here

Monday, 17 May 2010

R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio

Friday, 14 May 2010

featuring: lil' sis :D

My sister has entered an outfit competition on the same site that I won the Diana Bobar dress from (which reminds me...I yet have to shoot that dress and display it here on the blog-- I kind of did not fit into it, big-bellied and all--and I still have to send Diana the photos I take wearing it :D).
The competition has a very easily approachable theme: 'a day in the park'. If you like her outfit, you can cast your vote for her here.
Leaving aside the fact that she's my sis, objectively speaking I really think that hers is the best outfit of all the contestants :D:D. Check them out and let me know if yo agree;) :P.

She's wearing:
Black top: random
Checkered shirt: Stefanel
Skirt: Desigual (from Madrid)
Boots: Lee Cooper
Bag: United Colors of Benetton


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