Sunday, 21 November 2010

wedding outfit shots

Yeeeeeess.....the long overdue wedding pictures finally get uploaded to the blog, just in case there is anybody left that checks it out:)).

No excuses this time for the lack in posting, "it is what it is", as Darryl Philbin would say * ;) .
I did decide there will be some changes though, besides the bigger commitment to diary-ing : first of all, from the next entry on I will be writing in Romanian, and of course also provide an English translation. And the layout will probably keep changing on the course of the following weeks, til I make up my mind on what I prefer :D. That's it as far as the technicalities go.

More exciting than that, I am planning to add a shopping section just in time for the winter holidays , which will contain all items I have heavy-heartedly decided to let go action that needed to be done eventually, and has partially been completed by donating some of the stuff to charity. But the real goodies will be presented here before you, should you find anything to your liking :D. I have tons of clothes I bought ( new and SH) that I never got to wearing, but most of all I have lots of garments, accessories & all plundered from my mum, aunt, grandma, etc, which do not all fit me but I figured they will be better off resting in my closet than in theirs. And now I think that they should rest in a closet that they will break out of at least from time to time :D. So, I will style the pieces and hope you will fancy them enough to take them in ;);).

Now back to the wedding shots, they all have been taken by this lovely photographer , a bit pricy but totally worth the extra cash. Of course I am posting them here at a lower resolution , but if you want original samples to check out what he can do with his cameras just email me and I'll be happy to provide them for you.

That's it for now, enjoy the (many :D) photos ( mainly of me not because of ego-centrism ;)), just because I thought most of the people would not want to have their image loose on the net :D)

Wedding outfit:
Dress: Tadashi Shoji
Shoes: Givenchy
Necklace: Nissa
Ring & earrings (and a necklace not displayed he
re) : Agnes Toma - a present from mum -- I lost one of the earrings during the photo shoot, so I had to change those for the actual ceremony with some simpler glass-pearl ones.

p.s. In case you are wondering, the bouquet / wedding candles as well as the christianing candle have been executed by Floraria Iris,and a big hat's off goes to them . We just wanted something simple and elegant, no bushes on a stick, and they did just that.

p.p.s This was our cake topper , a printed image of us 3 wearing the same t-shirt:D

* one of the things that kept me away from posting was watching all of The Office seasons ...cheer4Dwight to take over the world :D:D


The Fairy's Apprentice said...

Beautiful! Congrats on your wedding and also on your wedding pics, they are great! Waiting from a long time to see your posts again :). Hope it will last for longer now!

Adela said...


Din poza pare o nunta reusita si un cuplu fericit! Casa de piatra!
Acum am si eu cateva intrebari daca imi poti raspunde la ele:
- cat te-a costat rochia? e de vanzare :)
- fotograful cat a costat?


phantasnight said...

@The Fairy's Apprentice :thanks and I hope so too :))
@Adela : rochia a fost 911€ cu tot cu taxele si transportul aferent (a fost luata de pe Nordstrom) si da, va fi de vanzare la un moment dat...doar ca momentan trebuie un pic primenita dupa :chinurile" prin care a trecut la photo-shooting/petrecere. cat despre costul fotografului, nu as vrea sa ofer informatia asta fara acordul lui, caci el trateaza cu fiecare cuplu in parte in functie de ce isi doreste si nu mi s-ar parea corect fata de el :).

Alice in vintageland said...

Wonderful pictures, dress, shoes and you really look stunning. I hope you'll be forever as happy as you look in the pictures.:) I'm happy you're back.

P.S The kid is adorable!:)

phantasnight said...

thank you alice , I'm glad to be back too


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