Friday, 28 August 2009

serbian musical friday

as promised here, this is the second edition of the neighbourhoodly musical fridays, featuring 2 serbian classics:

Bajaga i Instruktori, are a highly popular rock band from Serbia. The group was founded in Belgrade in 1984 by composer, lyricist and guitarist Momčilo Bajagić Bajaga, and continue to record music today. The group possesses a rich discography and a plethora of hit songs that place them at the very top of the all-time former Yugoslav rock scene. *

As for the second video , I am sure neither the frontman nor the song needs further introduction:D. Enjoy:):).

*excerpt from our heavenly e-god, wikipedia that is:D:D:D.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

new StyleSampleMagazine issue

well...not that new , but since I've been late with everything lately, here goes :)))

Style Sample is a magazine dealing with online fashion blogging , therefore you can find some more blogs to follow-up, tips&tricks, pieces of advice, opinions, inspiration, and....yours truly :)))..I am featured in the 'Blogs to Watch' section (thanks Tamia :D:D)

p.s. I only have a small note to answer to the last question , which was 'Probably this is what I like the most about blogging...the possibility to coincide with people you would never meet otherwise...' got edited into 'This is what I like the most about blogging...the possibility to communicate with people you would never meet otherwise...' Less poetical, but nevertheless, a similar idea.

late editor(s)ial

some very very late samples from The Editors' gig on August16th..they still have to work on their live performance, but it turned out pretty well :D:D

Thursday, 13 August 2009

some images (6)....

...and the best for last...i think this is my favourite outfit sported in Paris... :D:D

Dress: H&M (from Paris)
Cardigan (in the first images): See by Chloe'
Vest(in the last ones): Blue Steel ( from Dulapul Bunicii)
Clutch: French Connection (from Paris)
Necklace: from Bratislava
Sunglasses: Solaris (from Paris)
Boots: Formenterra

some images (5)....

...from the Louvre:D:D and featuring the PERFECT summer dress(mentioned here)...although it was rather springtime inParis :D:D:D

Dress: BCBG Max Azria (from Paris)
Necklace: Irina Schrotter
Purse: Nine West
Vest: New Yorker
Sandals: Stefanel
Sunglasses: Solaris (from Paris)

some images (4)....

...from Bastille trainstation & menagerie@National Museum of Natural History (btw, if you love animals, DO NOT visit this menagerie if you go to'll leave in tears for sure....I don't understand why people insist in keeping a zoo if they have no clue on how to properly care for its inhabitants ~this also goes for almost all the zoos in you know the line :"don't scare the ostrich , the floor is made of cement"?...well, saddly, this was literally true there in Paris ...and this is just to give a small example...horrible)

Tee: Matrak T-Shirt Design
Cardigan: Stefanel
Jeans: See by Chloe'
Necklace: buddhist charm, picked up at an ad-hoc antique market at Saint Denis
Sunglasses: Piazza Italia (from my bf)
Bag: Elega (from Bata-Bratislava)
Boots: Formenterra

p.s. the brooche in the small image is a gift from my bf, bought from Les Puces (the Flea Market), which I sadly lost the next day....I am posting it here to pay a tribute...:(

randomizing my vacation part 5

Louis Vuitton
<-- women & men-->

Hugo Boss display window

some random cute glove boutique

randomizing my vacation part4

clouds above Versailles...

Pere Lachaise

some images (3)....

...from around the house:D

Jeans: See by Chloe'
Tank: from my sis
Vest: Strass Exclusive Brand (from Paris)
Sandals: Stefanel
Earrings: gift
Bracelet: from SAYM
Bag: GAP (from Paris)
Sunnies:Solaris (from Paris)

some images (2)....

...from Musee d'Orsay

Tee: Matrak TShirt-Design
Skirt: Max&Co.
Vest: New Yorker
Bag: Elega (from Bata-Bratislava)
Boots: Formenterra
Solaris (from Paris)
Bangles:from SAYM

some images (1)....

...from Montmartre

Tee: Matrak T-Shirt Design
Jeans: See by Chloe'
Cardigan: See by Chloe'
Bag: Elega (from Bata- Bratislava)

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

randomizing my vacation part3

these pics are taken @Centre Pompidou, and it's surroundings, and they feature a MM6 by Maison Martin Margiela sporty dress that I found in a designer outlet in the Le Marais quarter, named La Piscine...I loved it the minute I saw it , it's so drawingly simple...buuuuuuuut, it metaphorically made me let go of the gorgeous Vivienne Westwood top/vest that I had in my other hand...I'll post a photo of it as soon as I find one ;I have just re-seen some scenes from The Devil Wears Prada and noticed that Emily Blunt wears the exact same one.....:-< ....
Dress: MM6 by Maison Martin Margiela
Vest:New Yorker
Bag: GAP (from Paris)
Sandals: Stefanel
Jewelry: necklace-handmedown from mum, earrings- from bf's mum, bracelets- from ShoesAndYourMom
Sunglasses: Solaris (from Paris)

p.s.I hope madame Westwood doesn't read my blog =)))))))))

Thursday, 6 August 2009

randomizing my vacation part2

... some images taken at the Musée de l'Armé at the Hotel des Invalides and in the Pantheon...

and with my most beloved aquisition from Paris, a gorgeous BCBG Max Azria leafy dress ,which I will introduce later on...:D

Harem pants:cop.copine
Tee:Matrak Tshirt Design
Vest: Strass Exclusive Brand(from Paris - I guess it's a french label, I found it in a cute boutique in the Le Marais quarter)
Bag: GAP
Bracelets: from the ShoesAndYourMom lot
Sunglasses: Solaris (from Paris)
Sandals: Stefanel

randomizing my vacation part1

as you might have understood from the previous post, eventhough Paris has not been a daily joy, it was captivating, thrilling, sometimes demotivating but always epic ... so, to say nothing further for now, I will let images speak..I appear in most of them (~blushing~ -- yet this is not really my fault/ego/etc, my bf really likes to take pictures of me:P), and since it's a personal style blog , they fit the profile ( :D ), but some more can be viewed here .most of them are taken by my bf, but I squeezed some of mine in :):).

The top image was taken in the gardens of the Royal Palace, where we stopped for a bit of shade in our last day in Paris....

the left one is taken somewhere near Champs Elysees, we found this huge skull while trying to find our way avoiding the Tour-de-France all-over-the-place-fences, and I couldn't resist having my pic taken with it, since I'm a sucker for skulls (given my metal-music up-growth and all:D )

the right one is taken in the courtyard of St. Marie Magdalene's church (La Madeleine) , a church which I found to my liking eventhough I am not a religious person at all. i usually visit churches for a pure educational/aesthetic scope, to analyze its architecture & history, but this one really speaks out inovatively about its view of faith vs. an artistic way.. it houses beautiful contemporary art exhibitions, inside , outside, and bellow , really interesting pieces, which may disagree with the 'old-school' christians' opinions , but are definitely a means to turn visitors into followers... my favourite item was the human-fish, a gigantic sculpture in a 'double- edition' , one inside the church and one outside...what better a symbol for christianity...?

Wearing :
Shirt: almost as old as me:D
Random light blue tank
Jeans: See by Chloe (from the sale batch mentioned here)
Bag: GAP (from Paris)
Boots: Formenterra
Sunglasses: from a souvenir shop near Centre Pompidou
Earrings: from my bf

Monday, 3 August 2009

back from vacation....yeeeyy

...I've been back from my vacation for a week now, but since probably some of you ( I think) may want to read comments,opinions and all, I thought I'd just let everything sink in for a while longer :).

so...I'll start with the conclusion:D , which is that Paris is definitely a city you can't be indifferent to. what you hate about it, you hate from all your guts, and what you love about it, you do just as much...
I thought about making a list with ups and downs of Paris, but I changed my mind , since the expectations, impressions, perceptions are purely subjective, and I don't want to push anybody away from visiting Paris, cause it is really worth seeing (duuuh :)) ).

but my bottom line is that I was really disappointed with it ( and I will have to apologize in advance for any Parisian who happens to read my blog... although, on second thought,I don't really have a reason to do so, I'm just calling it as I saw it ) ; I would have expected that living in such a city, where you can serve art for breakfast and history for drinks , people would be more educated, less rude, etc...well? guess was a reaaaaaaaaaally far-fetched assumption... starting with little things, like the locals not knowing that the ashtray in front of them is not purposeless , to the overall dirt , filth and infectious smell of the city....sorry guys, but this is how it is... the fact is that I have been told by many people that Paris is not what one would expect, but my power of denial worked like a charm until seeing it with my own eyes....

however, I don't wanna be a hypocrite and claim that this is all there is to Paris...not by far...I mean the amount of culture you ingurgitate here , the feast of eyes and enlightenment of mind Paris has to offer is probably unrivaled. and it did wash away the bitter taste of the other aspects, but I can honestly say I will never return to this city.

p.s. follow-ups of this post are about to come,outfit photos & all :D


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