Monday, 3 August 2009

back from vacation....yeeeyy

...I've been back from my vacation for a week now, but since probably some of you ( I think) may want to read comments,opinions and all, I thought I'd just let everything sink in for a while longer :).

so...I'll start with the conclusion:D , which is that Paris is definitely a city you can't be indifferent to. what you hate about it, you hate from all your guts, and what you love about it, you do just as much...
I thought about making a list with ups and downs of Paris, but I changed my mind , since the expectations, impressions, perceptions are purely subjective, and I don't want to push anybody away from visiting Paris, cause it is really worth seeing (duuuh :)) ).

but my bottom line is that I was really disappointed with it ( and I will have to apologize in advance for any Parisian who happens to read my blog... although, on second thought,I don't really have a reason to do so, I'm just calling it as I saw it ) ; I would have expected that living in such a city, where you can serve art for breakfast and history for drinks , people would be more educated, less rude, etc...well? guess was a reaaaaaaaaaally far-fetched assumption... starting with little things, like the locals not knowing that the ashtray in front of them is not purposeless , to the overall dirt , filth and infectious smell of the city....sorry guys, but this is how it is... the fact is that I have been told by many people that Paris is not what one would expect, but my power of denial worked like a charm until seeing it with my own eyes....

however, I don't wanna be a hypocrite and claim that this is all there is to Paris...not by far...I mean the amount of culture you ingurgitate here , the feast of eyes and enlightenment of mind Paris has to offer is probably unrivaled. and it did wash away the bitter taste of the other aspects, but I can honestly say I will never return to this city.

p.s. follow-ups of this post are about to come,outfit photos & all :D

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Alice in vintageland said...

Welcome back! I really enjoyed your Paris review as it seems truly sincere! I've been in Paris but only in passing so I hadn't time to form an opinion, but I want to visit it one day though it's not mai first destination, Barcelona is no 1 in my heart!


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