Friday, 10 July 2009

hungarian musical Friday

Between the RATM-ish & the hypnotic music samples from today, I just want to let you know that I am happy happy happy:D:D:D:D:D:D....I am leaving for Paris in less than 2 days I got a batch of sale designer goodies (which I will follow up on with some outfit posts) I just received this huge set of bangles I ordered from ShoesAndYourMom a while ago...they actually are a lot more than seen in the pic ( I counted them...50 bangles, the thin ones compose 8 different sets :D...for a mere 10$;pretty good deal, right?)....

so....hurray for me :)))) :P

Back to today's entry, I decided to make at least one post a month on our neighbours' music . And I am starting out with Hungary, since these bands are amongst my personal favourites anyways.

I can tell you about Subscribe that they are a very lively bunch, we've had a night out in Fire club some 2 years ago here in Bucharest, many Jägermeisters and all...the best time ( I think I still owe them some shots, or the other way around :)) ) , plus they are great in their live performances , so if you're into hardcore & stuff they're definitely worth your while. They also have a side project , called the Guilty Parties , a tribute to Rage Against The Machine , which they were supposed to end when/if RATM would ever re-unite, but I don't think they expected that RATM actually do so:D.

As for Colorstar, I do not have extremely relevant information to share with you for the moment, but I think their music speaks for itself (also emphasized by the fact that there is no actual video for this tune:D:D:D).

The next post will be on some Serbian classics, but I will not divulge the bands until the due time :D:D

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