Monday, 6 July 2009

may I have your vote, please :D?

I just entered this contest on an online Romanian youth magazine (well, I'm not that young, but I like the prize ;)) ), where you have to pick a random 'VIP' outfit and describe why you like/resent it. The winner gets a beautiful Diana Bobar Design dress , at choice out of 6 models. The one I fancy can be viewed here .
So I am asking for your vote in helping me win it :D:D, and since the 'article' is in Romanian, I will translate it here for the foreign visitors:).

I chose the outfit Rihanna sported at "The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion" opening gala, at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, for one reason only: I did not like it whatsoever.
(Well, and honestly, for the fact that it seems more difficult to argumentatively criticize rather than praise something).
And here is the translation:

"I will decompose this outfit into 3 main parts,individual not necessarily by style, but rather by how they (de)form Rihanna' s silhouette.

1.The Shoes + Cropped Pants , taken separately , probably represent the only section of this garment t
hat has been somewhat favourably thought out: the length of the pants together with the cut of the shoe elongate her legs and add a femininity tint to the ensemble.

2. The Jacket + Bow Tie here's where the visual disaster starts happening : the miss seems to have lost her head amongst the over-dimensioned shoulders, the only thing actually keeping her head on her shoulders being her similarly

3. The Gloves: hidden by the jacket's sleeves, this biker-style accessory loses any aesthetic attribute within this costume;it is neither emphasized by any other component of this garment, neither does it enhance it's general aspect in any way. It does nothing but create confusion around the sleeves: where does the jacket end/where do the gloves start?

Probably Rihanna tried to point her costume to the 80's, using the immense shoulders,the tom-boy hair,the short leather gloves,and the over-all 'shiny' aspect of the outfit....but what this shape turned out to be seems rather similar to an undefined clothing object hanging out to dry by its shoulders, with visibly shrunken pants.

It is obvious that the jacket was supposed to be the key element , but unfortunately its exquisite cut is lost in the all-black 'colourfullness'
of this garment. I for one would leave the bow-tie & white shirt aside, add a white t-shirt instead, with the cleavage going no further down than a palm bellow the neckline, and some light coloured skinny acid-wash jeans (anything but white- maybe even a dust-pink hue) ; I would keep the shoes & the gloves (!!!-what can I do? I like them ...), but I would roll up the sleeves of the jacket to solve the dilemma at no.3 ...and I would also keep the hair-do... all in all I think it would look much more laid-back and 'fashion-forward'."

Soooo...if you like it or agree with my opinion on this, you can place a vote here. Although it is stated otherwise in the contest's page, you do not have to be logged in to vote, so....wish me luck:D:D:, and thank you very much in advance :D:D.

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Alice in vintageland said...

O sa te votez, desi sunt lesinata dupa sacoul acela, e superb, l-as purta cu o rochie scurta cu imprimeu nebun si manecile rulate exact cum ai zis si tu!:)


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