Sunday, 28 June 2009

pfff....still raining

I've not been in the mood for taking pictures lately, since it keeps raining almost everyday and I do not really fancy indoor photos (of me, that is:) ). But since I've not posted in a while, and also to boost up my mood a bit, I decided to go against the weather,and photograph what will hopefully be tomorrow's outfit (if it stops pouring:D) ; so this is what came out...

Off to my white beer , unhealthy chips & silly 'I , Legend' movie ;))))

Dress: handmedown from my aunt (it has undergone several shape modifications since it came into my possession , but I like this best)
Jeans: the tag says WOOX (???), I've had them for over 8 years
Shawl: Zara (from Ra'anana, Israel)
Belt: vintage, from dad
Bangles:part from bf's mum, part from a local store, part from H&M (came in a set with the earrings, from Shanghai)

p.s. you even noticed... the white thingies in my hair...that's not dandruff, that's raindrops :)))))

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

buttoned and kicking

On a lighter and more playful note (as opposed to yesterday's post :D) , I am inserting here yesterday's outfit. It was quite chilly in the morning, so I dressed accordingly...what a mistake that turned out to be :))

Tee: from a boutique in New York
Skirt: Fornarina
Boots: Hush Puppies
Bag : Elega (from Bata ,in Bratislava)
Earrings: from bf

p.s. I'm going to have a haircut in about half an hour...wish me luck :)))

[Later Edit]well...I had my hair cut...and let me just say one thing, for the Bucharest readers...NEVER GO TO BLONDI, it's a waste of time and money...but mostly of time.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

patchwork vest: 3rd outfit

here's another outfit I composed around the patchworked vest.
the colour combo in this one is in perfect match with the vest, if you ask me:D

Hat: Marks & Spencer
Vest: Blue Steel
White T : Rolling Stones
Jeans & belt: REactive
Necklace: from Bratislava
Sandals: Stefanel
Bag: Meli Melo

muslim gauze

well, metaphorically... & a nakhla .....:D

I bought this patchworked leather vest from Dulapul Bunicii, and this is the first outfit that came to mind when trying it on. It is a masculine vest, therefore it fits pretty (extra) loose on me , I really like it for that, and I think it adds a lot to its wearability. Also, it is the first item my bf and & I are going to share, as it also fits him (perfectly, I might add).

Tee: Matrak T-shirt Design
Vest: Blue Steel
Harem pants : cop.copine
Muslim cap: on loan from bf (from Jerusalem)
Shoes: Ara (from dad--almost vintage)
Earrings: vintage Givenchy
& a nakhla .....:D

gipsy punk

I've been to the Gogol Bordello gig this Wednesday, and it was fantaaaaaaaaaastic :D!! As usual :D.
I've seen them before, at the Sziget festival in Budapest, but this one performance topped everything. The video records the ending of the concert, when they performed 'Baro Foro' together with the opening ensemble, Taraf de Haidouks (sau taraful din Clejani, mai pe romaneste :D ).

To bring this post to the blog's thematic, I must say that Gogol have for a while now been a source of inspiration for me, fashion-wise & not-only, since they're such a cultural mix. And I did have a punkier look several years ago (pierces & everything :D:D). I no longer take punk influences that literally anymore, but I do incorporate it's elements in my garments from time to time.
For the gig though, I went something for something urban-hippie-gipsy-ish-like, and I was quite lucky* (for the moment) that it was rather chilly outside, otherwise I couldn't have kept on that many pieces:D.

I guess the only punk element in this outfit is the purposely shrivelled nail polish.

*some luck that turned out to be, as both I and my bf caught some serious cold, but that's a whole different issue:D.almost recovering...

Skirt: Max&CO.
Tee: Matrak T-shirt Design
Vest: Blue Steel (from Dulapul Bunicii)
Earrings: from bf's mum
Bag: traditional
Head scarf: Moa
Boots: Formenterra

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

the IT T-shirt

As you may or may not have noticed, I am a sucker for the IT tee.
It is a piece that can make your wardrobe explode with attitude, personality & (why not?) eccentricity.

I think almost anything can be used and should be acceptable to make a statement t-shirt; from spray paint to stencils to reproductions of artwork, from lace to human hair, from sequins to fake animal horns, you get the point ; you can patchwork a tee, you can tear it, you can shred it, you can print it,you can shrink it, you can paint it, you can bleach it, you can wear it inside out or backwads -- there's no such thing as kitsch in an IT tee, as long as it's message is loud, clear and in perfect balance with the person who wears it.

You must agree with me that the same tee (and to extrapolate, the same piece of clothing, shoe, etc.) can look totally different on unlike persons. My bottom line opinion is that it's not the clothing that makes someone look kitschy, but the other way around. To give a light example, a worn out Vitalij Kuprij tee paired with a neat jacket could look perfect on an older man, whereas the same garment would be disastrous on Britney Spears ( ;)))) ). To give a stronger example , compare how the same pair of trousers can be defined by Andreea Banica or Laura Vargalui ( I am aware that this is an over-disputed theme-- see the Dadamoda post on this and many others, but it emphasizes my point quite accurately :):) ).
Coming back to the it-T and its attributes, you can do pretty much everything with the right one. You can dress down an outfit (as illustrated here & here ) or dress it up (depending on the tee) , you can appall or make people smile with it , and so on.
And speaking of appalling, what do you think of the latest Christopher Kane' s tees here bellow-and all the monkey-print items from his collection (yes, I did hear more than a few negative comments on them, which I do not agree with)? I think they are a relevant example that they cannot wear themselves, it's the person that carries out their message ( also, i think the fact that the models in the images are faceless , although non-intended, is a suggestion pointing to the depicted direction - you can add faces and send the images to me, and I'll post them :D) . How do you perceive them?

Now...returning to my original line, since I am such a fan of these tees, I cannot help sharing a few of my current lusts . Apart from the above Lanvin SS'09( Alber Elbaz 's tees are all-time favourites ), House of Holland & the already mentioned C.Kane, I have my eye on some other pieces, such as:

These 2 See'by'Chloe items , the left one from SS'09 and the right one from the current collection.

And also these DSquared (left) and Marc by Marc Jacobs (right) pieces.

But my favourite of favourites is this Lanvin (of course) Bette Davis t-shirt, which is on sale on LuisaViaRoma for 462 euros ( :(((((( ) and on Browns is still with the original retail price of 660 euros ....(sigh...) . I am definitely waiting for a bigger sale on this one, as it's a must have for me :).

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Elvis has entered the blogosphere

I've been meaning to have this Elvis bag included in a post. I guess it's the fanciest one I own, but I don't wear it that much, as I think it's quite limitative in terms of what colours I can associate with it, volume of the clothes it is worn with, etc.
Today I'm pairing it with basic black & white, and some red discreet tints.

Harem Pants: cop.copine
Shirt: Bianca (made in RO)
Top: unknown
Necklace: handmedown from grandma
Shoes: Blu (from EVintage )
Bag: from Madame Tussaud's gift shop, in New York

I love 80's

This is the outfit I entered for an 80's thematic contest on LuisaViaRoma.
Being convinced that most of the participants will go for either a Madonna look (tutus, ruffles, shoulderless tops, and shredded clothing in general) or a Dirty Dancing one (with tights, leg warmers, etc.) , I decided to go for a more classy look, something late 70's -early 80's.
I didn't win though, but I like what I've put up for the picture, it is a look I would sport out on the streets of Bucharest with no second thought. Well, on second thought (:P:P:P), maybe I would change the shoes for a more comfortable but just as fashionable pair for walking :D:D:D.
The outfit is mostly based on hues of pink and red, with touches of black and a little light blue in the Bracelets. I really found this colour alignment stylish.

Shirt: H&M (from Shanghai)
Velvet Riding Pants: vintage Versace (handmedown from mum)
Belt: from dad
Shoes: Blu (from EVintage )
Earrings : handmedown from mum
Bangles: part from H&M, part from my bf's mum,part from a local shop (although it's not that obvious, I am wearing 12 matching bangles in the pic -and I could wear many many more:D)
Headdress: turban made out of a Moa scarf

p.s. excuse my being so frowned, but it was reaaaally sunny the day I took the pics :D:D

Friday, 12 June 2009

Concrete Jungle

These are 2 instances of a shot I took for an online contest, and the outfit overall reminded me of Henri Rousseau's naive jungle paintings.

Pants: Trudie Fischer (on loan from mum)
Tee: Rolling Stones (worn backwards)
Vest: New Yorker (also worn backwards)
Fingerless Gloves: a gift from my bf
Disco Earrings: from mum

i'm smelling a new DYI ...:D

I might have not mentioned it before, but I love everything Vivienne Westwood stands for. I love her attitude,I love her self-statements,I love her artistic influence & her muses, I love how she mainstreams underground, but most of all I love her fashion artwork* .

And her 2009 FALL RTW has definitely won me over.
I picked out some of my favourite outfits to display , but it's been really hard to decide :D:D

Take your guess at which item I'm planning on DYI-ing....aaaand no, it's not Pam Anderson :)))
Hint: it is definetly the easiest item to handcraft :D

*I first wrote 'clothing', but it seemed too much of an understatement


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