Sunday, 24 May 2009

Button Cuff

I know I've been kinda lazy in posting lately, but I'm sure gonna make up for it today:D.'s what I've done yesterday:

Tadaaaaa!! A fancifull-clowny-playfull button cuff :D. I love it ,but the ribbon adding gave me a couple of headaches just failed to curl the way I wanted it to . But hah! it couldn't resist my will/needle after all:D.

Here's also a quick outfit I put toghether to go with it, I will follow up with another later on :):):).
White, red and of course black being the strongest colours of the cuff, I made up the outfit around them.

Tee: Rolling Stones
Skirt: Max&Co.
Boots: Formenterra
Disco earrings: handmedown from mum

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