Sunday, 31 May 2009

Prom Dress & YSL

Well, don't get all enthusiastic on me now...I'm not wearing any YSL, although wouldn't that be grand:D, I'm just holding an image of him:D.

We (me & bf) went to this YSL-thematic exhibition yesterday, hosting costumes, sketches, postcards and well...that's about it. Kind of disappointing, I was expecting quite a larger display of items, but hey, it's the closest I've gotten to one of YSL's gowns so far:D.
Unfortunately, since the guards at the MNAR (i.e. our Romanian National Museum of Art) figured that the warmth and intensity of our look could cause serious damage to the displayed costumes (sharp mind, guys!), we could not take a look at the bacK of the gowns, as you were not allowed to get close to them :(:(. It would have been nice to have a tete-a-tete with YSL's craft....sigh...

It was supposed to be centered on the traditional romanian piece that inspired YSL 'la blouse roumaine' , but it was actually a mixture of YSL inovations (such as the first safari inspired jacket, the first smoking jacket, etc). Nice, but too little and too unfriendly :).

And no, I didn't go there wearing what is displayed in the pics, although this was my initial intention. Unfortunately it started pouring, so I resorted to the casual jeans, boots & rainjacket :D
In these images I am wearing my highschool prom dress (part of it actually), cause I thought I should give it at least one more wear before considering what to do with it. I think I can tone it down to glam-streetstyle with flat sandals & my jean vest ---that is making its appearance in maybe too many of my postings :D:D, but I love to use it for dressing down various outfits. And i love the vest itself, it's one of my favourite acquisitions from this spring.

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