Monday, 18 May 2009

iced earth, coal chamber & green day

Against title-related expectations, this is not a post on my favourite bands (although the mentioned names do fit in), but on my current shoe desires :D.

I don't know how this comes around, but it ever so happens that I find myself craving for boots in the middle of the summer. Aware of my heat-fobia , my neurons probably plot into getting my feet to a way freezier zone.

So, in search of flip-flops I ended up stumbling upon 2 very very wintery items :D:D.

The left one is of course designed by Ann Demeulemeester, one of my all time favourites. And I am determined to buy at least one of her creations this year, as I've never really afforded one. Well....sacrifices are in order, as this pair retails for a mere E915 ...!!! (and yes, I am aware that their colour is not actually Iced Earth,quite the contrary actually, but it was the first earth-band that popped into my mind ).
And speaking of Ann D., i did find a more heat-wave-dedicated shoe, but I will probably return to thinking if acquiring it somewhere in November :D :

I've not yet decided why I like the second pair of boots I found (Evado) ; it may be the colour, the side fringes, the cutout back, but it's definitely not the all-togetherness of them that appealed to me.I think I'll figure it out later, for the moment they are in my top 3 wishlist .

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