Sunday, 24 May 2009 for the day, wearing:

This is it for today, I guess it's enough for the entire next week :D:D (kidding, I hope I won't get behind on my postings again ).
I'm off to have some beers with my bf & friends, wearing:

Tee: Matrak t-Shirt design
Sequined Shorts: Bershka
Bangles: wood
Sandals: Stefanel
Purse: Nine West

I just realized that this is the first post including a bag :D
This will be my homework for the next week, to emphasize at least part of my actually large collection of bags, purses, hobos, satchels, etc :D.

Here's a peek, with today's cross-body:


The Frocker said...

Your Rihanna comment made me laugh so hard! :)

I didn't like that outfit either. I think it might have been nicer if the shoulders weren't so huge, right?

phantasnight said...

indeed...or if her head were bigger :D


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