Sunday, 24 May 2009

Sisters (US & the sweaters)

I was home last weekend, for my mum's birthday, and I got my sister to pose for me in a sweater I made for her. She doesn't really like being photographed , but I managed to pull some shots (not really good-quality though, as I was using my bf's camera, and I'm not yet really familiar with it :D)

My sis is wearing the sweater I mentioned, a necklace that I made for her also and H&M jeans. Isn't she pretty :D:D:D?

I also made a similar sweater for me (actually mine was firstly done), here it is:

Sweater: made by me
Leather Skirt: from mum
Belt: from dad
Shoes: Musette


valy said...

Frumoase imagini!
O duminica minunata iti doresc!

phantasnight said...

iti multumesc, asa a fost :D


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