Sunday, 10 May 2009

Kick Off

After pondering a while, i finally decided to start up a fashion blog. It will contain photos, music, videos, reviews , and so on. All personal photos are credited to my bf , except stated otherwise.

I decided to put up a DYI project as a first post. The idea of this project was inspired by
TheGlamourai, courtesy of who i got these Marni side images of the original items.

So I am proudly presenting you with my result, made up of bits and pieces of old jewelry, part mine,part grandma's, part from my
bf's mum (10x :D) ,some vintage brooches (including Givenchy and Giovanni) , as well as some new ones,etc, all pinned up on black velvet.

As you can see in the bellow images , the bib's decoration contains groups of inspirational themes such as DH Lawrence's 'Plumed Serpent' , Marcel Proust's 'A la recherche de temps perdu ', la belle epoque, ethnic influences, etc.

The item is theoretically really easy to make, but I must admit it took me almost a day to handcraft it, since I sewed all of it by hand and the original objects' layout on the bib changed several times:D.

I'm gonna be doing a couple of follow-up posts, with examples of outfits built for this opulent piece of jewelry, so stay tuned ;)).


Anna said...

I am thinking for a long time of making one myself, but I don`t have the time, i`m kind`of stressed out with my final exams:)

phantasnight said...

good luck with those, I'm sure you'll have plenty of time to craft one afterwards :D:D (this is what I tell my sister also, she's your age :D)'s too hot to wear now anyways :P:P


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