Sunday, 31 May 2009

Grandma Skirt

This will be just a short outfit post, displaying a skirt I got from grandma & which I am using as a dress. It is a tad too long to wear as it is, but it is really beautiful and I do not want to shorten any of it. I promised my sister I will turn it into a tulip skirt for her, so I have to keep it's length for now. So until this skirt will shape-shift, this is how I am planning to wear it (of course we have the jean vest again- let me know when you all get bored of seeing it over and over again and maybe...just maybe I'll let it breathe for a while :D).

Dress: skirt from grandma
Vest: New Yorker
Necklace: Irina Schrotter
Earrings: a gift
Sandals: Stefanel
Hobo Bag: from Payless Shoe Source, New Jersey (if I remember correctly)
Belt: C&A

p.s. I know I promised to incorporate bags in the outfit posts, and to display part of my collection, so I am marking down the second one I am showing...there are sooo many to come :D

Prom Dress & YSL

Well, don't get all enthusiastic on me now...I'm not wearing any YSL, although wouldn't that be grand:D, I'm just holding an image of him:D.

We (me & bf) went to this YSL-thematic exhibition yesterday, hosting costumes, sketches, postcards and well...that's about it. Kind of disappointing, I was expecting quite a larger display of items, but hey, it's the closest I've gotten to one of YSL's gowns so far:D.
Unfortunately, since the guards at the MNAR (i.e. our Romanian National Museum of Art) figured that the warmth and intensity of our look could cause serious damage to the displayed costumes (sharp mind, guys!), we could not take a look at the bacK of the gowns, as you were not allowed to get close to them :(:(. It would have been nice to have a tete-a-tete with YSL's craft....sigh...

It was supposed to be centered on the traditional romanian piece that inspired YSL 'la blouse roumaine' , but it was actually a mixture of YSL inovations (such as the first safari inspired jacket, the first smoking jacket, etc). Nice, but too little and too unfriendly :).

And no, I didn't go there wearing what is displayed in the pics, although this was my initial intention. Unfortunately it started pouring, so I resorted to the casual jeans, boots & rainjacket :D
In these images I am wearing my highschool prom dress (part of it actually), cause I thought I should give it at least one more wear before considering what to do with it. I think I can tone it down to glam-streetstyle with flat sandals & my jean vest ---that is making its appearance in maybe too many of my postings :D:D, but I love to use it for dressing down various outfits. And i love the vest itself, it's one of my favourite acquisitions from this spring.

Sunday, 24 May 2009 for the day, wearing:

This is it for today, I guess it's enough for the entire next week :D:D (kidding, I hope I won't get behind on my postings again ).
I'm off to have some beers with my bf & friends, wearing:

Tee: Matrak t-Shirt design
Sequined Shorts: Bershka
Bangles: wood
Sandals: Stefanel
Purse: Nine West

I just realized that this is the first post including a bag :D
This will be my homework for the next week, to emphasize at least part of my actually large collection of bags, purses, hobos, satchels, etc :D.

Here's a peek, with today's cross-body:

Smart Rockeress

Here's another outfit I composed today, to make up for my lack of recent posts:D.
I was aiming for a clean, stylish rock look. I could have added some spiked cuffs, but I am currently not in position of any (!!!! , I think I gave away the last ones or something).

I hope my bf is not too angry with me, as I am way too picky when being photographed and judging the pictures afterwards. Thank you , thank you , thank you :D:D:D

Dress: Manoush
Tee:Matrak T-Shirt Design
Vest: New Yorker
Boots: Formenterra
Earrings :handmedown from mum

Button Cuff : follow-up outfit

As I promised, here's the second outfit composed around the button cuff I made, again with basic white, red & black .

Camisole: random
Shirt: Bianca (made in RO )
Leather Skirt: from mum
Shoes : Musette

Sisters (US & the sweaters)

I was home last weekend, for my mum's birthday, and I got my sister to pose for me in a sweater I made for her. She doesn't really like being photographed , but I managed to pull some shots (not really good-quality though, as I was using my bf's camera, and I'm not yet really familiar with it :D)

My sis is wearing the sweater I mentioned, a necklace that I made for her also and H&M jeans. Isn't she pretty :D:D:D?

I also made a similar sweater for me (actually mine was firstly done), here it is:

Sweater: made by me
Leather Skirt: from mum
Belt: from dad
Shoes: Musette

Button Cuff

I know I've been kinda lazy in posting lately, but I'm sure gonna make up for it today:D.'s what I've done yesterday:

Tadaaaaa!! A fancifull-clowny-playfull button cuff :D. I love it ,but the ribbon adding gave me a couple of headaches just failed to curl the way I wanted it to . But hah! it couldn't resist my will/needle after all:D.

Here's also a quick outfit I put toghether to go with it, I will follow up with another later on :):):).
White, red and of course black being the strongest colours of the cuff, I made up the outfit around them.

Tee: Rolling Stones
Skirt: Max&Co.
Boots: Formenterra
Disco earrings: handmedown from mum

Friday, 22 May 2009

The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion

As you may or may not know, New York's MMA hosts the 'The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion' exhibition, which has been organized by the The Costume Institute of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
The opening event, i.e. the Gala Benefit , took place on May 4, 2009,having been conducted by Honorary Chair Marc Jacobs and Co-Chairs Kate Moss, Justin Timb
erlake, and Anna Wintour.

Harold Koda, Curator in Charge of The Costume Institute, gives an overview of the exhibition's intent (via
"The exhibition examines a timeline of fashion from 194
7 to 1997 through the idealized aesthetic of the fashion model," "We look at the power of clothing, fashion photography, and the model to project the look of an era. With a mere gesture, a truly stellar model can sum up the attitude of her time – becoming not only a muse to designers or photographers, but a muse to a generation."
You can find further details on this exhibition on the above mentioned site.

Amongst many, the exhibition features iconic models such as Nadja Auermann, Naomi Campbell, Janice Dickinson,Dovima, Linda Evangelista, Lisa Fonssagrives, Jerry Hall, Shalom Harlow,Sunny Harnett, Lauren Hutton, Iman, Dorian Leigh, Peggy Moffitt, Kate Moss, Suzy Parker,Jean Shrimpton, Christy Turlington, Twiggy, Amber Valletta and Veruschka.

The exhibition will stay open between
May 6–August 9, 2009 , in the Tisch Galleries, second floor.

Sadly I'm not getting anywhere near New York this year, so I can only enjoy images and reviews...but hey, good luck to all readers out there :D:D:D

Wednesday, 20 May 2009


this is just a quick outfit post, not feeling really talkative today:D.

so there goes... mixed browns and a bit of denim :)

Shirt: traditional Romanian blouse (handmedown from mum)
Pants: Vero Moda
Vest : New Yorker
Sandals : Stefanel
Necklace: Irina Schrotter
Bracelets: wood & ivory

Monday, 18 May 2009

iced earth, coal chamber & green day

Against title-related expectations, this is not a post on my favourite bands (although the mentioned names do fit in), but on my current shoe desires :D.

I don't know how this comes around, but it ever so happens that I find myself craving for boots in the middle of the summer. Aware of my heat-fobia , my neurons probably plot into getting my feet to a way freezier zone.

So, in search of flip-flops I ended up stumbling upon 2 very very wintery items :D:D.

The left one is of course designed by Ann Demeulemeester, one of my all time favourites. And I am determined to buy at least one of her creations this year, as I've never really afforded one. Well....sacrifices are in order, as this pair retails for a mere E915 ...!!! (and yes, I am aware that their colour is not actually Iced Earth,quite the contrary actually, but it was the first earth-band that popped into my mind ).
And speaking of Ann D., i did find a more heat-wave-dedicated shoe, but I will probably return to thinking if acquiring it somewhere in November :D :

I've not yet decided why I like the second pair of boots I found (Evado) ; it may be the colour, the side fringes, the cutout back, but it's definitely not the all-togetherness of them that appealed to me.I think I'll figure it out later, for the moment they are in my top 3 wishlist .

Monday, 11 May 2009

Delicate just soul...

Yeap, this outfit indeed reminded me of Terence Trent D'Arby's song...
This is why I have fashion so close to my heart, it always manages to surprise me ... be it in the sense that an outfit comes out of a book I've read over and over again, that it incarnates from Rudolf Hausner's painting laitmotifs , or that it simply reminds me of something I've long forgotten ...

Dress : Hippie Hippie Shake (Darimeya)
Vest : handmedown from grandma
Stockings: ???
Boots: Charlotte Ronson
Jewelry: various (necklaces-handmedowns from mum, earrings-gift from my bf's mum, Swatch watch & random rings)

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Marni Bib Replik - Outfit# 2 - Punk's outfit no.2, rather punk-ish than punk . It lacks a side trouser chain, which I somehow misplaced and was too lazy to look up ;).

Shoes: Musette
Pants: DadaModa
Jean Vest: New Yorker
Tank: Triumph

Marni Bib Replik - Outfit# 1 - Hippie

Here's outfit no.1 that includes my version of the Marni bib.
I put up somewhat of a hippie look; a
nd to pull it off, since the bib is in itself kind of overwhelming, i decided not to wear any other piece of jewelry, as it would have been visually distracting and disturbing.

Tank : Triumph
Jean Vest: New Yorker

Skirt: Hippie Hippie Shake
Wedges : Charlotte Ronson
Belt: C&A


Kick Off

After pondering a while, i finally decided to start up a fashion blog. It will contain photos, music, videos, reviews , and so on. All personal photos are credited to my bf , except stated otherwise.

I decided to put up a DYI project as a first post. The idea of this project was inspired by
TheGlamourai, courtesy of who i got these Marni side images of the original items.

So I am proudly presenting you with my result, made up of bits and pieces of old jewelry, part mine,part grandma's, part from my
bf's mum (10x :D) ,some vintage brooches (including Givenchy and Giovanni) , as well as some new ones,etc, all pinned up on black velvet.

As you can see in the bellow images , the bib's decoration contains groups of inspirational themes such as DH Lawrence's 'Plumed Serpent' , Marcel Proust's 'A la recherche de temps perdu ', la belle epoque, ethnic influences, etc.

The item is theoretically really easy to make, but I must admit it took me almost a day to handcraft it, since I sewed all of it by hand and the original objects' layout on the bib changed several times:D.

I'm gonna be doing a couple of follow-up posts, with examples of outfits built for this opulent piece of jewelry, so stay tuned ;)).


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