Sunday, 28 June 2009

pfff....still raining

I've not been in the mood for taking pictures lately, since it keeps raining almost everyday and I do not really fancy indoor photos (of me, that is:) ). But since I've not posted in a while, and also to boost up my mood a bit, I decided to go against the weather,and photograph what will hopefully be tomorrow's outfit (if it stops pouring:D) ; so this is what came out...

Off to my white beer , unhealthy chips & silly 'I , Legend' movie ;))))

Dress: handmedown from my aunt (it has undergone several shape modifications since it came into my possession , but I like this best)
Jeans: the tag says WOOX (???), I've had them for over 8 years
Shawl: Zara (from Ra'anana, Israel)
Belt: vintage, from dad
Bangles:part from bf's mum, part from a local store, part from H&M (came in a set with the earrings, from Shanghai)

p.s. you even noticed... the white thingies in my hair...that's not dandruff, that's raindrops :)))))


Alice in vintageland said...

I love your new haircut and color! Also very much into lots of bracelets and colorful scarfs! You look great and I think pairing the jeans wirh the dress it's a very good idea!Shangai? for real?Nice:):):)

phantasnight said...

Shanghai was also a business trip :P, but it was just a couple of days after the earthquake (last year), so it wasn't very fun:)

Owl and the Grapes said...

Thank you for the comments lady. I might have already said (I'm not the most organised blogger) but I love love love the jewellery stand. Another thing I very much like is your new hair do. It's very lovely indeed.


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