Saturday, 6 June 2009

50's & an improvised belt - grandma skirt #2

So the deal with these is... I have so many beautiful skirts from grandma that are either too long, or too large, etc. , and I do not want to modify them just yet. I mean I will cut into them eventually, but before that, I want to get as much wear as I can out of them as they are.
If my previous grandma skirt was kind of shifted into the 20's , with the low waist marked by the belt & (fake) pearl necklace, today's one reflects one of my interpretations of the 50's.

The belt you see in these images is actually something I improvised, out of a cross-body bag strap and some ribbon I had at hand. It turned out pretty nice, I think...And it took just half a minute to make :)))). If only fashion were this easy :D.

Dress: grandma skirt #2
Belt: improvised
Wedges: Charlotte Ronson
Beads: handmedown from grandma
Earrings: Debenhams (gift from my bf :D)

Here's a close up of the belt :

And some close-ups of me :))):

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Alice in vintageland said...

That's a pretty sweet belt you made there! I also do a lot of improvising and upgrading to my clothes and have tons of skirts and dresses from my mother and grandmother, this clothes are the best, so beautiful, free and also with a story! You look very cute!:)


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