Saturday, 20 June 2009

muslim gauze

well, metaphorically... & a nakhla .....:D

I bought this patchworked leather vest from Dulapul Bunicii, and this is the first outfit that came to mind when trying it on. It is a masculine vest, therefore it fits pretty (extra) loose on me , I really like it for that, and I think it adds a lot to its wearability. Also, it is the first item my bf and & I are going to share, as it also fits him (perfectly, I might add).

Tee: Matrak T-shirt Design
Vest: Blue Steel
Harem pants : cop.copine
Muslim cap: on loan from bf (from Jerusalem)
Shoes: Ara (from dad--almost vintage)
Earrings: vintage Givenchy
& a nakhla .....:D

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