Saturday, 20 June 2009

gipsy punk

I've been to the Gogol Bordello gig this Wednesday, and it was fantaaaaaaaaaastic :D!! As usual :D.
I've seen them before, at the Sziget festival in Budapest, but this one performance topped everything. The video records the ending of the concert, when they performed 'Baro Foro' together with the opening ensemble, Taraf de Haidouks (sau taraful din Clejani, mai pe romaneste :D ).

To bring this post to the blog's thematic, I must say that Gogol have for a while now been a source of inspiration for me, fashion-wise & not-only, since they're such a cultural mix. And I did have a punkier look several years ago (pierces & everything :D:D). I no longer take punk influences that literally anymore, but I do incorporate it's elements in my garments from time to time.
For the gig though, I went something for something urban-hippie-gipsy-ish-like, and I was quite lucky* (for the moment) that it was rather chilly outside, otherwise I couldn't have kept on that many pieces:D.

I guess the only punk element in this outfit is the purposely shrivelled nail polish.

*some luck that turned out to be, as both I and my bf caught some serious cold, but that's a whole different issue:D.almost recovering...

Skirt: Max&CO.
Tee: Matrak T-shirt Design
Vest: Blue Steel (from Dulapul Bunicii)
Earrings: from bf's mum
Bag: traditional
Head scarf: Moa
Boots: Formenterra


valy said...

O zi frumoasa iti doresc!

Alice in vintageland said...

Vai cat de tare - si esarfa aia prinsa peste fusta e inspirata. Vesta asta n-a ratat nicicand mai bine:)


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