Saturday, 6 June 2009

... of green, grey & white...

I had to go out a bit today, so I threw together these items. The flats are what I call my Mondrian sandals. Someone at work said they resemble Kandinsky's paintings, but I say they're rather molded after Mondrian's geometrical artwork.
The bag has an unexpected skull lining, and I attached a ribbon inside for the victims of the 2008 China earthquake. I received this ribbon when in Shanghai, a couple of days after the earthquake happened, and I had the bag with me at the time. Somehow it didn't seem morbid to place this symbol next to the skulls.

Blouse : I've had since forever
Jeans : H&M
Sandals: Bata (from Bratislava)
Bag: Zara (from Tel-Aviv)
Necklace+Earrings: gift from my bf's mum


Alice in vintageland said...

Seems you're traveling a lot! Me very envious:)

phantasnight said...

Well, I'm lucky that I get sent in business trips often, otherwise I wouldn't afford that much traveling :D


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