Saturday, 13 June 2009

I love 80's

This is the outfit I entered for an 80's thematic contest on LuisaViaRoma.
Being convinced that most of the participants will go for either a Madonna look (tutus, ruffles, shoulderless tops, and shredded clothing in general) or a Dirty Dancing one (with tights, leg warmers, etc.) , I decided to go for a more classy look, something late 70's -early 80's.
I didn't win though, but I like what I've put up for the picture, it is a look I would sport out on the streets of Bucharest with no second thought. Well, on second thought (:P:P:P), maybe I would change the shoes for a more comfortable but just as fashionable pair for walking :D:D:D.
The outfit is mostly based on hues of pink and red, with touches of black and a little light blue in the Bracelets. I really found this colour alignment stylish.

Shirt: H&M (from Shanghai)
Velvet Riding Pants: vintage Versace (handmedown from mum)
Belt: from dad
Shoes: Blu (from EVintage )
Earrings : handmedown from mum
Bangles: part from H&M, part from my bf's mum,part from a local shop (although it's not that obvious, I am wearing 12 matching bangles in the pic -and I could wear many many more:D)
Headdress: turban made out of a Moa scarf

p.s. excuse my being so frowned, but it was reaaaally sunny the day I took the pics :D:D


Alice in vintageland said...

I looooove it! This outfit is my favourite yet! Those velvet pants are to die for! You look like a characyer from Mad Men!

phantasnight said...

Luckily my mum kept the pants :D:D..they don't fit her anymore, and she usually gives her clothes away without asking us first :D

*Diane* said...

luv this outfit!! just everything about lovely

phantasnight said... scared, literally...I was just checking your blog when I got your comment notification...funny coincidence :)))


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