Thursday, 6 August 2009

randomizing my vacation part1

as you might have understood from the previous post, eventhough Paris has not been a daily joy, it was captivating, thrilling, sometimes demotivating but always epic ... so, to say nothing further for now, I will let images speak..I appear in most of them (~blushing~ -- yet this is not really my fault/ego/etc, my bf really likes to take pictures of me:P), and since it's a personal style blog , they fit the profile ( :D ), but some more can be viewed here .most of them are taken by my bf, but I squeezed some of mine in :):).

The top image was taken in the gardens of the Royal Palace, where we stopped for a bit of shade in our last day in Paris....

the left one is taken somewhere near Champs Elysees, we found this huge skull while trying to find our way avoiding the Tour-de-France all-over-the-place-fences, and I couldn't resist having my pic taken with it, since I'm a sucker for skulls (given my metal-music up-growth and all:D )

the right one is taken in the courtyard of St. Marie Magdalene's church (La Madeleine) , a church which I found to my liking eventhough I am not a religious person at all. i usually visit churches for a pure educational/aesthetic scope, to analyze its architecture & history, but this one really speaks out inovatively about its view of faith vs. an artistic way.. it houses beautiful contemporary art exhibitions, inside , outside, and bellow , really interesting pieces, which may disagree with the 'old-school' christians' opinions , but are definitely a means to turn visitors into followers... my favourite item was the human-fish, a gigantic sculpture in a 'double- edition' , one inside the church and one outside...what better a symbol for christianity...?

Wearing :
Shirt: almost as old as me:D
Random light blue tank
Jeans: See by Chloe (from the sale batch mentioned here)
Bag: GAP (from Paris)
Boots: Formenterra
Sunglasses: from a souvenir shop near Centre Pompidou
Earrings: from my bf

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