Monday, 31 May 2010


This is the outfit I submitted for theGlamourai's Polkadotrama costume challenge. I didn't win the big prize though :D:D,you can check out the winner here (I voted for her too :D:D) . However , Kelly did like this outfit and rewarded it with a 15% off discount on her shop, as she probably rewarded many other can see the finalists here, it was really difficult picking only one to vote for.

Dress: custom made, handmedown from grandma (it was originally A shaped,but i modified it to be pencil sometime along the way)
Vest: Blue Steel
Bag: from a boutique in New York
Shoes : Miu Miu (via eBay)
Jewelry: earrings- handmedowns from mum, ring-gift from my husband

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