Friday, 14 May 2010

featuring: lil' sis :D

My sister has entered an outfit competition on the same site that I won the Diana Bobar dress from (which reminds me...I yet have to shoot that dress and display it here on the blog-- I kind of did not fit into it, big-bellied and all--and I still have to send Diana the photos I take wearing it :D).
The competition has a very easily approachable theme: 'a day in the park'. If you like her outfit, you can cast your vote for her here.
Leaving aside the fact that she's my sis, objectively speaking I really think that hers is the best outfit of all the contestants :D:D. Check them out and let me know if yo agree;) :P.

She's wearing:
Black top: random
Checkered shirt: Stefanel
Skirt: Desigual (from Madrid)
Boots: Lee Cooper
Bag: United Colors of Benetton

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