Monday, 21 May 2012

10 year high-school reunion

Last week we celebrated 10 years since we graduated high-school ,and it was great to see everybody after so long (some of us have met throughout the years, some of us are still best friends, but most haven't seen each other at all in a decade) . It felt like we entered a time-capsule , it was , as one of our teachers observed, like we had only been apart for the summer break and now, being back to school , we were anxious to let everybody in on what happened during the holiday ...Really beautiful and spirit uplifting ... Of course , everything ended with the promise that we won't let another 10 years go by without getting in touch with each other , and we'll probably honour that promise, Facebook and all :D, but then again, it's exactly the fact that we had such a length of events to story-tell each other that made the reunion so extraordinary ...

// with my Romanian Literature teacher, the lady that most shaped my taste in culture, my personal style , and my understanding of people //
// allons-y ! (with the gym teacher)//
// with part of our classmates //

  Party Outfit : 
Dress & belt : Adelina Ivan 
Shoes : Alexander McQueen(the ones I mentioned here )
Purse : Nine West (as seen here )
Earrings : from eBay
Rings : Elena Crisan, Alexander McQueen , and the large pink one is from an art shop (the UAP shop - for the Romanian readers )

School outfit :
Shirt : Nissa
Waistcoat : PNK Casual
Pants : vintage Versace (also seen here )
Shoes : Nicole Brundage (another outfit wearing them here )
Clutch : Next ( the one from the previous post )
// ... & yes, I do occasionally smoke :D //
// with my bff //

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