Friday, 25 May 2012

Summer festivals starting in 3..2..1...

 For several years now we've had all sorts of bands and festivals landing here,but nothing like this year , abounding in sound waves , it almost makes up for all the youth years in which we had to at best run abroad to Hungary or Bulgaria to see some live action . We have everything from jazz to black metal, from pop to hip-hop, from ethno to indie . We have upcoming Control Day Out, OSTFest ,Bestfest, GreenFest/Rock the City,  Summerwell , Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Lady Gaga , to name a mere a few .

I personally started early :D, with (HED)P.E. @ JukeBox Venue , and a hip-hop lineup including La Coka Nostra @ The Silver Church (yeap, I do listen to hip-hop :P - I liked House of Pain last year @ BestFest way better though , since Everlast could not make it now and Danny Boy had a much weaker performance {imho}) . And I am probably going to all the above mentioned gigs, but my top festival this year is not in Romania, but Optimus Alive in Oeiras near Lisbon, by the ocean shore :D, featuring The Cure, Radiohead , The Stone Roses , and many more .

Besides the guitar string delights and all, I am so looking forward to the fashion freedom that festivals provide , I am determined to have a little more gut this year and wear what one could never see me wear in my day to day life, starting with a pastel pink hairdo (which I will return to here once it's done :D - can you recommend any hair-die / beauty salon to get this colour at ? )

 I am adding here some leftover photos of last year's fests , I was pretty decent, right :)))?

p.s. since no notable recordings of (hed)p.e. and la coka nostra performing in Bucharest have yet surfaced , I'll just add here the personal favourites of each :


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