Monday, 14 May 2012

// The // English , my love

 The title is not related to the fact that I resumed writing on the blog in English, nor to the 9th grade textbook (people my age should remember that, I don't know if it's in the curriculum anymore) , but to the fact that all this revival of the nautical color combo on the recent catwalks  makes me think of the British flag first . (And British music. And Monty Python's Flying Circus . )
Hence this outfit , that I wore on a wedding ceremony on Saturday ( we were not attending the party afterwards, so I thought something less "formal" would be suitable ) - the photos were taken after we had returned, so that should explain the wrinkly aspect of the skirt (which I actually like :D) .

On a different note, the blog is going through a small restructuring process, so bear with me on the tag changing / tab switching / content searching issues that may occur .

Outfit :
Waistcoat : Amisu via New Yorker
Tank : Triumph
Skirt: 28.5
Boots : Irregular Choice
Clutch : Next 
Earrings: from eBay
Rings: wedding ring :D, Elena Crisan & Alexander McQueen (for a British finish )

& my pretty pretty son :D:D

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