Sunday, 27 May 2012

Leisurely reading

I finished reading this novel a couple of days ago , it's the kind of book I read over coffees and between errands . Simple and transparent metaphors , obvious authorial intent , predictable ending... still, enjoyable . Like all his novels , despite being the  "no-brainers" that they are , it can offer several hours worth of easy delight.

"Mon Petit Mari" , an epic about a husband that loses part of his height { a.k.a. self esteem , confidence , respect, etc. } each time his wife gives birth to another of their offspring , and confounds his identity with that of his wife and soon with that of his children , seems to be a weaker narrative than others he has created around the miniature symbolism , for e.g. "The Divine Child" (which incidentally is the first of his novels that I ever read , more than a decade ago) , and it may seem a little modest in depiction and shallow in content , but I wouldn't refrain from recommending it to somebody who needs to pass some time train-traveling for instance, you get the point .

So, if you do decide to read it , enjoy it , with no great expectations.

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