Wednesday, 4 November 2009

summer leftovers

muhahahaha....more than one month with no posting....i've been really blog-offline lately, but I am sure that my motivation is as understandable as can be:D:D:D... I am not going to divulge it for the moment, just bear with me a little more :D:D:D.
until the news are out in the open, here are some pics I took but never got around to posting ..

shirt: Maison Martin Margiela
vest: BlueSteel , from DulapulBunicii
jeans: See by Chloe'
shoes: Nicole Brundage , one of my most beloved acquisitions from this year, which I only yet wore once

p.s. you will have to excuse my shapeless hair in these images, it has been definitely dealt with since then :D:D:D:D

p.p.s aaannnd....a close up of the shoes (via YOOX )...:D:D


Alice in vintageland said...

Welcome back! I was cheking your blog like crazy! Looking lovely!:)

phantasnight said...

thank you :D:D...I hope I won't be missing in action for that long again:D

kirstyb said...

lovely pics - cute shoes x


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