Sunday, 22 November 2009

surprised enough:D:D?

soooo...this is what I've been "cooking" lately...I and my bf are 5 months pregnant :D:D:D...<>

(carl, if you're reading this...don't faint just yet :P )

everybody's been assuring us that we'll be hip parents (//blush), so I have to also live up to these expectations fashion-wise :D, but it's up to you to decide on whether I pull this off
graciously or not;) . the process is significantly encumbered by the fact that pregnancy clothing shops in Bucharest (and obviously Romania) are quite defective of statement items. all I could find is clothing for +50 , lacking imagination expecting housewives . I don't want anybody who has actually bought such items to feel offended in any way, it's excusable since there's barely anything to choose from . I just won't spend a dime on any of these products. furthermore, maternity clothing here is way more expensive than the online counterpart. hence, i decided to make do with what I already own ( I'm lucky that I have a lot of loose fitting garments) , and make whatever more I need myself...there's something ongoing in this direction, but I will reveal it once it is ready :D.

I'm following up on this post with several outfit versions; I was forced to rummage my wardrobe since the baby i
s quite expansive :D:D, and doesn't really agree to part of my clothes' sizes :D:D:D. I have so many items I'm going to miss till next year, but I did rediscover some forgotten ones....oh, well, that's that :D

Jean shirt: Vila Denim Engineered (picked up years ago from a Mini Prix store)
Sheer cardigan: Stefanel
Tights: H&M (from mum)
Boots: Burberry
Scarf: random
Beanie: Motor


miha.ela said...

Sarcina usoara ! :)

Alice in vintageland said...

Uuuuuuu! Felicitari! Arati grozav si sigur o sa fiti niste parinti hip!:)

phantasnight said...

mihaela & alice,multumesc & multumesc :D


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