Monday, 26 April 2010

And the sky was made of amethyst...

I am finally getting around to posting the remaining pregnancy outfit photos I took. These and the ones from the post to follow have been taken on my last huge-bellied day :D, the labour started a few hours after :D.

Shirtdress: Die Lingener , handmedown from mum (actually especially stolen from her for this big waisted 'occasion' )
Oversized cardi: no label, it looks like handmade , also handmedowm from mum
Scarf: Zara (from Ra'anana, Israel)
Sunnies: Solaris (from Paris)
Boots: Cafe Noir
Bag: from a Mini Prix store
Vest: Polo Garage
Earrings: gift from one of my bffs
Tights: from a supermarket

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