Sunday, 14 March 2010

here comes the sun...

I think this is one of the last pregnancy outfits posted here (not that there have been so many to reach the blog :D), since I'm due in max 2 weeks:D:D:D

Dress: See by Chloe' (also seen here)
Sweater vest: Manoush (came together with the dress seen here)
Leather jacket : Kenvelo (~ 6 years old and in a surprisingly almost perfect condition, although I wear it a looot)
Bag: Zara (from Ra'anana, Israel -also seen here)
Necklace: Irina Schrotter
Boots: Cafe Noir
Sunglasses: Solaris (from Paris)
Mittens: Orsay

1 comment:

Alice in vintageland said...

You look amazing - so colorful and fun! Never seen a pregnant woman quite like you - wonderful!


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