Monday, 18 January 2010

snow recovery

Considering that lately I've been getting around to wear either hiking boots or wellies (rigid snow vs. melted snow :D), I took advantage of the warm weather last week to dress a little more photo-worthy. Plus it was my first week@work after the winter vacation, so there you have it..

Dress: no tag, bought in New York (it was my favourite dress for a long while, and still is in my top 10 )
Vest : Strass Exclusive Brand (from Paris)
Blouse: random white cotton blouse
Wellies: Burberry
Jewelry: bracelet -a gift from my sister , cross pendant necklace-I've had for >10 years, round pendant necklace- a gift from mum seems I can't properly load images just now...Google does have a slow recovery :D:D

[later edit] yeeey...I beat the system :))

A detail shot of the bracelet, I love it:

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