Tuesday, 8 September 2009

beloved desigual

I have not mentioned this before, but Desigual is one of my all-time prefferences when it comes to print madness. Well, them and Manish Arora, but I can't afford them (yet:D:D) .

Sometime about 6 or 7 years ago, they opened up a tiny shop on the Academiei street, and that's when I fell in love with them. That's also when I spent an entire college scholarship on a t-shirt (~ today's 35E) , quite a whole lot for my early student years, and for the regular t-shirt prices back then. But it was and it remains my favourite tee to this day. You can see it here, the huge screaming face in the last image :D.
Unfortunately, probably because of customers penury, this tiny darling shop closed about 1 year later (or maybe half a year, I don't remember precisely), just about when I had managed to scrape up the money to buy another tee ( :(((((( ) .Literally.It was Friday that I decided to buy it, but didn't have enough dough ( ;)) ); Monday by the time I got the money (that mum was sending weekly for food and all:D), and exactly on that Monday they closed the shop. I remember as if it were yesterday, that's how traumatized I was:)))) (and partially still am :)) ) . I have kept their catalogue and I can scan it to show you what I missed...***

Coming back to nowadays, my folks returned from their Madrid vacation, and guess what they brought me? One piece Desigual dress + one piece Desigual t-shirt ...I couldn't believe it, as they didn't know that I liked them so much. I mean they know my clothes, but they couldn't care less about who made them (which to a certain extent is better, they would probably be mortified by how much I spend on unnecessary garments :D ), so.....Anyways, my sis told me my mum was just as smitten when she entered one of their Madrid stores as I was when I stepped into our ex-local one, hence..tadaaaaaaa:D:D:D Me=happy happy :D:D. She also bought a dress and a skirt for my sister, which I will post when I get her to photoshoot for me :D.

I ♥ this kimono-inspired dress , as it is like wearing layers and layers of clothes due to its various prints... ♥ ♥

Dress: Desigual
Boots: Hush Puppies
Bag: PSS (from New Jersey)
Vest : New Yorker
Earrings: a gift from my sister (from Madrid)

*** [Later Edit] I found an image of the tee that skipped my hands. here it is...(sigh...)

BTW, if anyone knows any (online) store that retails previous collections' Desigual products, please let me know :D:D.

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