Thursday, 18 February 2010


finally I managed to take some quick outfit shots, it's been really hectic lately, both @ home and @ work...we're repainting/redecorating one of our rooms, preparing for the kid, leaving everything figured out at work before the loooong maternity leave, etc...

please excuse the crappy photos (I really don't look this sick:))) ), they are taken with a small video cam in the unhealthy neon light from work, so...:D:D

Dress: Marius Musat
Cardigan: See by Chloe'
Boots: Burberry
Earrings: Debenhams, gift from my bf (I can't get around to calling him 'husband' just yet :)) )
Einstein toy: snatched from a coworker for this shoot:D

And speaking of Einstein, Ari Seth Cohen from Advanced Style ( one of my top 5 fashion-related blogs to watch) just posted today about this Einstein looking man one of his collaborators photographed:
I love this simple yet exquisite color combo...

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